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Parent Visits

Parents are always welcome! If you wish to visit in the room, please notify the Preschool Director one day in advance. This procedure prevents too many visitors from being in the classroom at one time. Please leave other children at home, as they will distract the children in the class.

Volunteer Program

A volunteer sign-up sheet is sent out at the beginning of the year. Please note ways in which you can be available and/or of assistance. This information will be given to your child’s teacher for future reference.

Additionally, we are very proud of our Parent Volunteer program.  During the first month of school, a Parent Volunteer packet will be sent home.  We encourage parents to consider being a valuable part of our school year.    

Parents are the young child’s first and most important teacher. This early learning from parents sets the pace for the child’s learning throughout life. Your involvement in the school program provides an opportunity for you to 1. Observe your child in social interactions with peers; 2. Learn ways of handling children’s behavior; and 3. Reinforce school experiences at home. You are helping your child and yourself as you improve your parenting skills. We hope you will choose to become involved in some way.

Enrichment Program

At the beginning of each year, we send out a “wish list” for items to enhance our school day. Those making donations are placed on our Honor Roll and are recognized at Christmas and Graduation.

Resource Persons

This is a specific opportunity for a parent to present their special talents, interests, and skills. This would involve presenting a 15-20 minute program in the classroom. Parents could also make arrangements to bring in a resource person. Possible topics might include: crafts, hobbies, skills and talents (music, art, drama, etc...), professions, caring for a baby, storytelling (reading), yarn spinning, puppets, sports and outdoor activities, travel, different cultures, and other programs of interest suitable for preschool children. Please contact the Preschool Director if you, or someone you know, might be interested.