All our Staff members are fingerprinted and thoroughly screened through Florida Dept. of Children & Families. All Lead Teachers are required to hold a degree in the field of Education.  All staff members must take a minimum of twelve credit hours annually in courses relating to early childhood development. Our staff are members of the Sarasota Chapter FLAEYC and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Staff members are also certified in Pediatric CPR, Heartsaver CPR, and First Aid.

Discipline Policy

The ultimate goal is for each child to achieve self-discipline. Ideally, the child who is involved in meaningful work will not show any behavioral problems. The words “discipline and “teach” are related. Teaching children what they are ready to learn at each stage of development will result in self-disciplined individuals.

We first talk to the child about the behavior and explain how they are disturbing the rest of the class. We point out that they are not being helpful to themselves or others. Next, we will meet with the parents to establish methods of positive reinforcement. Persistent behavioral concerns will result in a parent conference with the Preschool Director. In the event of continued adverse behavior, Little Disciples Preschool reserves the right to deny further enrollment.

Requirements For Admittance

Our school is available to children ages infants to five years of age. While we are hopeful that children have completed potty-training and are able to take care of their own bathroom needs, it is not a requirement for entrance below the age of 3.  We will work together to achieve potty-trained status.  Each child must have an enrollment form with emergency information on file. A copy of your child’s birth certificate must also be submitted upon registration. Please be sure to advise the school regarding any and ALL allergies, as well as address, phone, pick-up people, doctor changes…. throughout the year.

Forms Required By Florida Dept. of Health:

Two Florida Dept. of Health forms will be required upon enrollment: a health report and an immunization form showing current and up-to-date immunizations. It is especially important to note any known allergies. Little Disciples Preschool requires that all students enrolled be immunized. Absolutely NO exceptions or exemptions allowed.