Arrival Times

Doors open for morning classes and families are greeted each day beginning at 8:35 a.m.  Student entry has a sign-in required daily.  We close our doors at 9:05am so the first activities of the day are not interrupted. The doors remain locked throughout the school day to ensure your child’s safety. To gain entrance throughout the school day, please ring the doorbell.

Departure Times

Dismissal for the morning session is at 12:00 p.m. with VPK dismissal at 12:30pm. All children need to be picked up promptly. Extended Care children may be picked up anytime before 5:30 p.m. Written permission is required for all children picked up by anyone other than their parents.

Drop-Off And Pick-Up Procedures

This is a school zone, please observe a 10 mph limit.

Park in the parking lot, turn off your vehicle and lock it. Do not leave unattended children in vehicles. Walk your child/children into the education building and to their classroom. Do not park in the circular driveway or in the handicapped spaces. Please contact the office if you need assistance at any time.

Pick-up time is 12:00pm/12:30pm VPK. Parents are to remain outside in the courtyard. The teachers will bring the students outside to their designated pick up site.  After 12:10 pm, any remaining students will be placed in our Extended Care program.

School Schedule (holidays & closings)

Little Disciples Preschool will closely operate on the same schedule as Sarasota County Public School system. (Note: Our Preschool year begins two weeks after the opening of the public school year.)  Little Disciples Preschool will be closed when the Sarasota County Public Schools are closed for teacher work days. We will be closed for all major holidays (including Christmas recess and Spring break). When the public schools are closed due to “severe” weather, Little Disciples Preschool will be closed. Tune to SNN Channel 6 for all area school closings. Changes/revisions of the Sarasota County School Year Calendar may effect our calendar year.

A calendar for the school year will be provided in your student folder and in our school directory, printed in early October.


If your child is ill and/or will not be in school, please call the office. In order for your child to return to the classroom, they must be free of fever for 24 hours. Notice will be given to all parents concerning any outbreak of childhood or Communicable diseases here at school.  


A snack basket will be sent home with your child the day before it is due. This is done on a rotating basis. Please provide a healthy snack for the number of children in your child’s class. For health and safety reasons, we must insist that snack foods arrive in original, and unopened packages.   Water will be provided as our snack-time refreshment.  A snack calendar will be sent home as a reminder of the day(s) your child will be responsible for snack throughout the month.  Food allergies (when applicable) are posted outside classrooms and will never prevent a child from participating in our program.