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From Cindy McDowell, Director

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   September 2018

Welcome to our 2018-2019 school year.  Our first days of school are finally here, and we are VERY excited to begin. September is sure to be a busy month.  We will spend time getting to know one another and getting to know our preschool.   With 6 active classrooms, one Student Center, one Learning Center and a Lunch Room ready for hungry preschoolers each day, oh the fun we will have together!

Once again, this year the Teachers will enjoy some special time together with their class parents as they hold “Parent / Teacher” meetings in the beginning of September. The Mommies and Daddies will be taken on a virtual tour of many behind-the-scenes activities for both the children and their Teacher.  Watch for more info soon.

A great big thank you in advance to our Preschool Parents for turning in all paperwork for your preschoolers by their due dates.  Please also help us keep all files up-to-date with any changes to address, phone and cell phone numbers and preschool pick-up people…

Please note:  As the school year opens on a VERY WET day, we are reminded of our Hurricane Season and how it may impact our preschoolers and their families.  In the event the public schools are closed, Little Disciples Preschool will be closed.  Listen to local radio and television stations for school closures and take appropriate measures to keep loved ones safe.

This is an open Invitation to join us in the courtyard at 9:05 am on Tuesday morning, September 11th, for a Circle of Love. Established in 2002, this circle remains a way for us to come together and remember and honor all those who passed too soon. We hope you will meet us in the courtyard and share in our circle of love.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful preschool year together!  

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